Day 6: Wilder stories

So we looked at some fairly standard stories in these poses – the curve of the torso centre line, the fold in the torso and that sort of thing.

These are fantastic places to start and almost always yield something interesting.

But the story is whatever you see. It doesn’t have to the be those things.

In this pose, there’s the curve of the torso centre line and a nice important angle here. But you might also sense a big zigzag like this going all the way down it. So you might choose to bring focus to that big shape.

This guy’s torso and legs seem really stable and solid. The spine is straight for us, the torso upright and the legs even around the centre of gravity.

But then there’s the movement and flow in the arms like this that you may want to emphasise. You might see it curling all the way back to the head. 

Or, the pose works great with the lighting. The light is coming down this way, and his arm is pushing back against it and his face is looking right into it, it looks defiant. So you might emphasise the light against the dark in the pose.

Here there’s the curve of the torso centre line and the angle and that’s really useful. But you might also see these big overlapping curves,

or maybe you’ll think about her weight – her right shoulder is actually in line with her left ankle and she should fall sideways except for that arm hooked around the pole. So getting that sense of weight and tension in the pose might be something you bring out in the drawing.

In this pose, you might notice the flow of the curves downstream from head to toe, and choose to emphasise that.

The Croquis Cafe practice for Day 6 is here.

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