We Tested 7 Pencils for Life Drawing – Big Difference!

In this video we review a series of pencils specifically for life drawing. The pencil you use needs to have a few characteristics to help your practice be successful, but there are various materials that meet those requirements. We tell you which is our current favourite and which to avoid. So we look at:

  • A hard graphite pencil
  • A very soft graphite pencil – Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 10B
  • A variety of charcoal, carbon and pastel pencils:
    • Generals Carbon Sketch
    • Generals charcoal pencil
    • Wolff’s Carbon
    • Pitt Pastel 199 black
    • Carbothello black

We also look at willow charcoal and why our recommendations on that have changed.

  • Avoid the big mistake that led to all my other mistakes

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