Starting to use colour – video demonstration

This video/article is for anyone that would like to introduce colour to their figure drawings, but isn’t sure how to start. The video is probably better since it shows the demonstration, but we have also written out the tutorial with screenshots below. We grabbed a reference photo of a hand from the wonderful resource Croquis […]

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Draw Along Club 1: 30 minute practice session (video)

With this video, you can get out some paper and draw with us. We’ll draw three 3 minute poses, two 5 minute poses and one 10 minute pose. We narrate the process, and talk about what we are doing, what we need to work on and what went wrong. We use reference photos from the […]

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Standing man - 4 quick sketches

The Importance of Practising Quick Drawing

Most life drawing sessions include quick drawings between 1 and 5 minutes, and most teachers highly recommend regularly drawing quick poses. If you’re drawing from photo references, the website allows a maximum of 2 minutes per pose. So why is it useful and important? Mayko and I talked it through and here’s what we came up […]

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