The Secret to Practising Your Art CONSISTENTLY

Consistent practice of the fundamental principles of art will get you the results you are dreaming of.

The above statement is true, but that consistency is not always easy to achieve. I think a lot of us judge ourselves for not being consistent enough with the things we want to do, whether it’s art, fitness or whatever. This implies that consistency is an innate characteristic, and if we lack consistency, it’s simply a defect. However, I’ve come to learn that consistency is based on a few skills, and we can learn those skills. I hadn’t worked on those skills at all, so it’s no wonder consistency used to be a challenge for me. Surprisingly, staying ‘motivated’ is definitely not one of those skills. Fighting against self-doubt is also not one of those skills. Find out what those skills are by watching the video!

I hope you enjoy the video! If you do, you might also like to check out our video about keeping success close HERE and our video about self-compassion for artists HERE.


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