Life Drawing Simplified Student Testimonials

Below are testimonials from past students of the Life Drawing Simplified course. (The course was originally called the “20:20” course, so you may see reference to that in some of the comments)

Carefully combining the most important 20% of construction, anatomy, observation and gesture has had a huge positive impact on my figure drawing ability and confidence. No other figure drawing course has such intelligent delivery of content to maximize learning potential.


I really love this course and can see that I have made great progress if I compare with my previous life drawings. I can see that I now notice the different structures of the body. Previously, I was mostly focused on contour drawings. Thank you for a fantastic course.

– Ingela

This course was worth every penny and more.  Your crystal clear lessons on the body’s proportions, anatomical landmarks, the volume of the body and its planes (perspective) have been like a revelation, and your considerate and concise way of giving critique egged me on to work really hard, giving me the confidence I didn’t have before. 

The very minute the course ended, I missed it and the community so much that I was reluctant to draw the last references (lizard man and cool lady with water gun) because I didn’t want it to end 🙂


This was my first art class and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve taken a lot of training, both in person and virtually, during my long career as an engineer. I was so impressed with Kenzo’s teaching and his ability to get concepts across to a wide variety of students, both in experience and in location, all on a virtual platform. The exercises were just right and the weekly feedback sessions were so helpful. I learned so much in this course and the cost was very reasonable. Kenzo is an exemplary teacher and I am looking forward to learning more from him on my journey in the wonderful world of drawing and painting!


Note – you can see Barbara’s transformation in her life drawings here.

The content has been excellent. Kenzo has made it a personal experience, relating his own struggles with life drawing while providing encouragement. I am a beginner. There are many participants that are more experienced and much better than I am but I never felt intimidated and appreciated the feedback in the critiques

– Joseph

Hi Kenzo. I really enjoyed the course. The six weeks just flew by. The tuition was, for me, just right. So all in all a terrific course, that I enjoyed, even when I was struggling!

– Ian

Overall the course was excellent. Your presentations and demonstrations were very helpful and broken down into digestible sections. I also found the practice sessions to cover about the right amount of work to help anchor the lesson. I attended four of the live feedback sessions (then life got in the way and I got a bit behind). It was helpful to hear feedback and see the the work of other participants.

Thanks again for a great class and for your ongoing offerings. It’s good to have some connection to others building their figure drawing skills. I’ll be hanging out in this lovely ‘hood you’ve created and will definitely attend Figurary 2021.

All the best,


A very good and enjoyable course, taking students through various stages of figure drawing with simplified methods. Good explanations and great examples to follow. A lot packed into each lesson which at times I had difficulty keeping up with but you can always repeat or watch the lessons more than once. I felt I had learnt a lot on the six weeks and am finding even in my painting that I’m using some of the things I have learnt. I would definitely follow another course. Thank you for helping my art journey.


The course has certainly helped me get started but most of all Kenzo’s wisdom and willingness to share will take me to the next level.


The lessons were great and really helped me get past the need for perfection in every drawing. I really enjoyed the format.


I really, really appreciated the course, Kenzo. Your passion for teaching, your appreciation for mistakes and optimism really motivated me to keep going. I will highly recommend your courses to my friends.

Thanks a lot!


I came into the course as a relative newcomer to drawing, I had only taken up drawing in March, having no previous artistic background. The course was super useful for me in that it explained HOW  to go about the process of life drawing. I found the simplification strategy really useful, before this I would try to draw without fully understanding the process needed to achieve a good end product and become quite discouraged with the end product. I know that I still have long way to go but I feel confident that I will be able  to improve my drawing technique with practise… It was also useful to see other student’s drawings and their different approaches to drawing.


I enjoyed everything about 20.20, Kenzo.  I should tell you that I took a year of college anatomy, which included examining muscles in cadaver lab, and I learned more from your practical approach than I think I learned that whole year! 

Using the system of drawing the head (sheesh, what IS that guy’s name?) has been super helpful….I will forever draw my circle and the lines curving through it for finding brow and midline…finally I seem to be able to get heads on my drawings in much closer approximation to the model!  And also, to my surprise, I really like the ribcage and pelvis boxes, even just them even if I don’t draw them in.  Volume, yes!!

Thank you for being so encouraging and upbeat, with so much useful advice and great ideas.  LoveLifeDrawing has been a source of comfort and happiness in these dark pandemic days.

Take care, Kenzo.


The course was well constructed & led you through in such a way that it built confidence in your ability as you progressed, each bit of new knowledge building on the next tutorial.

The course gave me a taste of anatomy without being overwhelming and a sense that if I want to find out about more anatomy I could try and tackle it on my own now.

I loved the feed back both from Kenzo & the other students, I think that was invaluable, it creates a real sense of community and it is a subtle but encouraging way to make students practice so that they have something to post. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn and or build on their life drawing skills.


This course has helped motivate me to look deeply at my shortcomings in figure drawing and continue the practice while I await the re-opening of live studio classes. I appreciate Kenzo’s approach to teaching a group at so many levels. He is candid about his struggles (very reassuring) and super gentle with his critiques. He offers everyone ways to improve no matter what experience the student brings.

The structure of the course was clearly laid out and pretty easy to follow, even for a non-tech oriented person like me.

I will continue to go back into the lessons for review as long as I have access to it. 

Thank you Kenzo for a great class! (the best part of my lockdown summer;)


I love this course which helps me to improve my figure drawing a lot.  Kenzo has couches us from basic to the fundamental and then lead us to the gesture drawing which requires the previous mentioned skills.  His explanation in the course is clear and easy to follow.  If we misunderstood and showed it in our exercise, Kenzo would explain it with patience in his feed back commentary video.

The only areas of improvement is, we need more of courses like this in the future!! I hope to subscribe to another course by Kenzo as soon as possible.


Note – you can see Teck’s transformation in his life drawings here.

Thank you so much for putting this all together! I was excited for this course because of its objective: to cover enough of the fundamentals of anatomy, gesture, etc. in order to bring them beautifully together. I feel like this was definitely accomplished. I really appreciate how going over anatomy in this course was taught in a straightforward way. I liked the mobile (Kajabi) app that the course was on. 

I plan to go into making web comics. I was nervous to get started, but now feel more confident going forward. I feel that I can further develop my skills because of the great foundation this course laid out! For my upcoming comic, I can now feel excited about drawing dynamic poses instead of nervous.


The 2020 life drawing course was exceptionally well constructed. Challenging but accessible for all levels. Keno is a generous and encouraging teacher, praising the good and then taking each individual to the next level. His explanations are clear and comprehensible, breaking down a complicated art form into manageable sections and then building them back together, culminating in beautiful gestural flowing drawings by the end of the course or when each artist is ready for this stage! 

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone keen to improve their life drawing and observational drawing generally. 

Thanks Kenzo


A great course – I liked the way it was very measured and systematic, and obviously very carefully planned. The explanations and instructions were very clear. I’m certainly much better now at identifying the important shapes and angles, but need to keep working on the gesture. Thank you for your endless patience and kindness with everyone!


I really enjoyed learning about anatomy and the new concepts such as using landmarks or the ribcage egg etc were very enlightening. Kenzo explained everything very clearly both in the lessons and the feedback sessions in his usual positive and encouraging way 🙂  The practice activities were well-staged with a lot of support to begin with, leading to more independent work later. I felt challenged by a lot of the things we covered, but in a good way!


First I think that you should be commended for even trying to do a course on this difficult topic with adult learners you cannot even see. You are kind and thoughtful with the participants and clearly have thought a great deal about your subject. 

Even after taking several museum classes, figure drawing had always been a problem for me. I knew about angles and proportions and measuring etc. but was mostly lost when faced with a model. The class on front torso landmarks got me really involved and I kept going. The anatomy reviews were good for me and having models to draw from was important…

You are correct it is “”Practice, practice, practice””! Thank you for the last six weeks.


Hello my name is Carlos. I think  the course was really good. it help me a lot to improve my eye to see the figures and how  to draw it.

I am really glad with all people that made this course possible. Recommended to everyone


I liked the course, learned a lot, enjoyed drawing with you and find you a very personable instructor which I believe has compassion for all struggling beginner artist’s.

All in all a very good online course with a solid foundation of skills required to draw figures.

Thanks again Kenzo and family including Maggie


Kenzo, The 20:20 Course was excellent. The many techniques provided were keys to improvement for me. They made me much more aware of what I should be looking for when creating a figure drawing. Even more importantly, you explained why it is important to see or visualize the key areas of the body. The human figure is so complex. This course helped to remove the complexity and focus on what is vital. The practice lessons were also spot on to help learn the techniques.  Lastly, the weekly feedback sessions were an invaluable tool for improvement.


First of all, I would liked to thank you for giving me the opportunities to learn figure drawing.  I really love your videos on Youtube.  Those videos led me to Love Life and to the 20:20 course.

I found the 20:20 course well constructed with all small chapters and titles/subtitles. I especially appreciated Week 0 – preparation.  It was really useful for a total beginner like me…

Weekly Feedback session were really great… All those exchanges in live encouraged me a lot.  And it was really instructive to see drawings of others and your corrections.

It was helpful to see your solutions/analysis/attempts for practices.  I was assured what was to be done.

It is amazing you have shown so many things within the 20:20 course.  Proportions, anatomies and so on.  Because it was well organizes and given to us step by step in each lesson, I did not feel overwhelmed and easier to practice.

And the most important of all is that the 20:20 course gave me strong motivations to go on practising.  I cannot thank you enough!

Sorry for my long comments.   I absolutely loved the course, I got carried away:)


Hi Kenzo. I must say that among the various courses I followed online, yours seemed to me the best organized and the best developed. You are very competent didactically and your method has a remarkable practicality. But I believe your strength lies in your availability and in your way of following the students. You are always there and in a more than reasonable time give an answer. The answers are always encouraging, but also constructive, that is, indicate the points that need to be modified and improved. Others just say “”Wonderful! I really like your line”” but do not understand where to work to improve.

I hope that Google translator does not betray my thoughts now :-P.

I wish you all the best, both for you and for your baby, your wife, your mom. And give a caress for me to the lovely Maggie 😀


Thank you Kenzo for the excellent teaching and encouragement. I first found you on a free course offered by the BBC Covid offering!  I enjoyed art when I was young and started viewing your lessons. When the opportunity came to sign up for your course, I was so happy. 

I haven’t been the best, most diligent student but I feel I have the confidence to tackle the work and continue practicing with the models. Also, I plan to continue with your courses when offered. 

Thank you again for the course. You have a wonderful gift for teaching.


The content of the course was superb i thought – the slow build up of skills lead to increased confidence so that by the end i suddenly realised that i did in fact have the tools i needed to tackle even complicated poses, rather than going in ‘blind’ and working entirely from observation. i have had no formal training at all in drawing so i was desperate for a set of tools to dip into when i needed them. I particularly like the lesson on boxes, which although difficult to visualise initially, once the penny had dropped, became an excellent way into the pose.  It was good to get this tricky lesson under my belt early on as it pushed me on dramatically i felt. 

Once i had discovered Kajabi it was so easy to access the course and community and it’s reassuring to know that i can go back and find it all in one place any time in the future.  i initially thought i wouldn’t be able to keep up with the lessons and feedback sessions, but i got into my stride and although i didn’t post my drawings every week, i managed to fit in all the lessons and practice. The community aspect of the course is really useful…

I’m going to miss the weekly lessons enormously – I felt really quite emotional after the final feedback session! Thank you Kenzo for offering some extra material.


I really enjoyed the lessons and have learnt a lot from Kenzo

The systematic teaching , along with active feedback sessions really help in progressing my basic skill 

Kenzo is always positive and understanding. Different from other online classes , Kenzo is with us along the way, and always at the community , guiding and helping us. I find this as one of the biggest plus point, we are given almost immediate guidance when need to. With the community , we can also learn from fellow students,  sharing frustrations and cheering for each other.

The journey of my life drawing has just begun . I am very glad I follow Kenzo to lay my foundation 

Thanks again , Kenzo


This course was absolutely fantastic! I loved everything about it, thank you so so very much. I have enjoyed LLD’s free videos on youtube for a while now, and was excited to get a chance to take part in a more structured learning environment. I really enjoyed the twice weekly lessons, the draw-alongs, the feedback sessions, and the  practice homework. I felt like I was really able to move my drawing ability forward a whole lot – which is to say, my seeing ability!

My favorite part of the course is the way that Kenzo presents information in such a digestible, relatable, accessible, and encouraging manner. There are people who are experts in their field, and people who are expert teachers – and, the rarest combination is when you find someone who is both. Kenzo, you and the team certainly fit that bill! I feel like I could learn anything from you! You are always so encouraging, supportive, and inspiring. I know others must feel the same way as well which is why people get so excited to push forward, even when we’re upset with our own drawings!

Thank you thank you – looking forward to hopefully more coursework to come! I would definitely sign up in the future!


Overall, it was an inspiring and rewarding experience and a brilliant introduction to life drawing. I’ll definitely be back for more!


The course was excellent! I love the fact you can go in and keep repeating lessons.


The contents and material covered in this course is as I expected and really excellent. The instructions by Kenzo is clear, precise, detailed and well explained and demonstrated.    It is extremely thorough and excellently delivered to us.  He also answers all questions very well. and he is very patient.   He is a born teacher.

I have learned so much during this 6 weeks of training by Kenzo I am very grateful.  I have evolve from a person who is lost and scared when looking at a model, not knowing where and how to begin, to a person who knows exactly what to do and how to attack the work in front of her with calmness and confidence.  I no longer fear starting a new piece of drawing.  I actually look forward to drawing everyday.


So enjoyed the 20:20 course, and was so glad I found the Love Life Drawing site, it was just pitched at the right level for where I am at with my learning and delivered everything I had hoped for. Have to say Kenzo is a brilliant teacher , and I say that with 30+ years of teaching myself under my belt, he has that perfect ability to find the positive, to praise and yet also find and demonstrate the most useful criticism so that you always improve, and he has curated a very supportive way for everyone to contribute via the community site. The course was a great blend of both anatomical and artistic learning, showing just how these two things have to work together for successful life drawing, but it wasn’t daunting as it so quickly showed how one supported the other. The six weeks of lessons flew by and I’m now missing the classes and the glad Kenzo is still able to do the live sessions!


This Life drawing course has been really great in so many ways. I feel Kenzo and Mayko have structured this on-line course, with clarity, sound information and plenty of resources for guidance. There is a good balance between visual content, print-outs and live discussion.

The Live  Feedback section after each stage is an important part of this course.  Kenzo, and community members, critique posted  drawings, which helps with common problem areas and helps self-evaluation.  The Community Area  also provides encouragement and support from Kenzo and course members. 

 I found this on-line course  excellent value for money and the best thing too, I can continue  drawing with Kenzo and Mayko on their channel.


The concept of the course is excellent:Kenzo’s approach is intuitive and intelligent. He doesn’t give the students too much information, and he’s never had an elitist attitude.  I’m also a teacher, so I feel very close to his way of teaching. The community  is like him: full of respect, passionate and sympathetic . For me, it was a beautiful experience and now that the course is over, I understand I’m part of a friendly community passionate about drawing.


I have thoroughly enjoyed learning figure drawing with you, Kenzo, and all the students, and can say that I’ve learned more in this 6-week class than I have in many in-person, multi-day workshops. I admire your approach and am grateful for the encouraging way you teach. The combination of anatomy, construction and observation has made it possible for me to work through some difficult areas.


Note – you can see Mary’s transformation in her life drawings here.

I just finished my classes and I’m already planning to start over again in a week or so. This was a great class. What I needed.


I set out to improve my life drawing skills, and build some knowledge on how to approach gesture of the human form, or any form really; but we focused on humans. 

I loved this course and was skeptical at first, afraid to use the boxes tools as a way of getting at dimension and angles of the torso. But of course, it proved to be a very valuable way of seeing; and, as with all lessons from Kenzo, there is a real person there, honest, up front, kind, and generous; and super knowledgeable and skilled. Not just as an artist, but as a teacher. He’s responsive, clear, funny and friendly. It’s easy to learn from him. 

I would encourage anyone of any age, who wants to learn more and improve their life drawing skills, to sign up. 

From my first drawings, to the last as the class was ending, there was definite improvement. I feel proud of how far I came in these short weeks, and didn’t want it to end. Thankfully, we can access the class over and over, and continue in the community, and future lessons and classes LLD offers. I appreciate the method they teach, the attitude in which they present themselves, and the lessons and content are tops. 

Thank you again, Loved it. I also love that there is still the community area!!! I’ve been absent from it for a while, but feel very fond of all those who were active on it during the course. And, the other community I became familiar with during Figuary ’20. You’ve a knack for creating meaningful, fun, kind and wonderful community. Thank you.


I found the lessons very helpful. The idea of the structures superimposed upon the images was a new and informative way to see the figure and begin the construction process. The hand outs connected with the lessons was very helpful. One of the things I found most enjoyable was the positive encouragement and feed back. Your love of the whole drawing process came across strongly and was a big motivator for me. The idea of getting the most, or the positive element, out of a drawing session was inspirational foe me. All the technical and organizational work that goes into a course is important but, for me, of equal importance is that unquantifiable aspect that has to do with the personality and personal qualities of the instructor. Good course. Thanks a lot.


Find out more and sign for Life Drawing Simplified!

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Below are student testimonials from our previous courses:

Super course. Absolutely excellent models, poses and photography. Well-structured with lessons and feedback and practice. Good personal feedback from Kenzo … I highly recommend this course and as a former university lecturer I commend its teaching value and personal touch

– Geoff

I have really enjoyed this programme and have learnt a lot from it. It is difficult to single out specific areas that have been most useful because all of it has been so useful. I have never done gesture drawing before so this has been particularly helpful and will help me to have a more focused approach to short poses when I go to life drawing sessions.

The lessons were well presented and the time commitment for the programme was very manageable for me. I found the Tuesday feedback video and Kenzo’s feedback from the drawings I posted in the community area extremely helpful and I learnt so much from these.

I would be prepared to pay a subscription to have feedback on my own drawings in future if it were ever possible to provide this in the future.

I would recommend the programme to anyone who is interested in developing their life drawing skills or just want to develop their general drawing skills as so much of what is covered can be applied to all areas of drawing.

– Isabel

Kenzo and Mayko and the LoveLifeDrawing community, drawing people and figures, hands, feet and heads has always been something I avoided. I never liked the outcome and was embarrassed for anyone to see. I am so glad I found and took this class. It has helped me to understand where and how to start, filter out the tons of data an image presents and build a structure on which to layer the important parts of the drawing. Understanding the process is what I never was able to grasp from books and other attempts to draw figures.

Kenzo, I appreciate the amount of effort you put in to produce the lesson and feedback videos and liked the style and tone of the feedback … not overly positive or critically negative, but finding the good and highlighting how to improve in an encouraging way. Thank you. I look forward to taking more classes with you and the LoveLifeDrawing community.

– Bill

Thank you for all the effort and work that you put into the course. The individual videos, the group but above all your personal, appreciative feedback, helped me a lot and I’m really glad that I signed for the course. I just watched the last feedback video and I felt really sad that there is no new lesson waiting for me tomorrow! I hope that I will still continue drawing regularly and make progress.
Thank you again for everything.
– Sylvie

I thought it was a fabulous course which I enjoyed tremendously. It’s really helped me build a foundation from which I can progress. I shall miss it – what am I going to do on Saturday and Sunday afternoons now!

( And I’m still waiting for my bonus points for being the first to sign up 🙂 )



Class was organized and well planned. Liked it how it was wouldn’t change it
– Tammy

Kenzo and Mayko have treated us as family members. So loving in behavior , so living in their passion, and so rich in drawing techniques. That’s what Love Life Drawing is all about. – Mohamad

The course lessons were clearly presented well structured and every lesson had purpose but the best thing was Kenzo’s regular, positive, consistent criticism and almost immediate well thought, on-line and video feedback aimed at individual drawings every week.

Posting work on-line twice a week was a little daunting to start with especially being pushed out of my comfort zone in the lesson, however the community feedback, comments and criticism created a positive, encouraging pressure, this made me think about how I was drawing all the time … and now I am excited to make the time sit down and draw.

I feel a little sad the course is over however I will definitely join the community challenges and keep practicing with Mayko and Kenzo’s lessons in mind. (Kenzo’s chilled voice has now been installed in my subconscious and kicks in as soon as I lift a putty rubber or a bit of charcoal!)

When you have an advanced course I will definitely join up!

– Murray

I felt like this course was a good risk, because I knew from Kenzo’s YouTube videos that he spoke about drawing in a way that made sense to me. But I did not know the full breadth of what I would be learning. From basic guidelines that make it much easier to form all part of a body with realistic proportions to guidance on how to see shape, shadow, and gesture in a pose. The mix of guided drawing with practice sessions and feedback made it easy to learn new skills and see improvement weekly. Kenzo not only has a great way of explaining complicated drawing considerations simply, he helps you set reasonable expectations for yourself and I never once had that awful “I’m letting the instructor down” feeling that a number of other art classes have given me. He has a very clear picture of what a learning artist needs, and he makes sure to provide it. Prior to this class, I found the whole human body quite overwhelming. So many shapes! Such complicated junctures! But now I have a system for approaching a pose with confidence. Even if it doesn’t turn out flawlessly, my skills have improved significantly and I have many, many more tools to take into my future drawing practice. I also really appreciated the fact that there were no “beginner” poses. Often I’d see what we were going to be drawing and think “oh, dear god, why?” But on a deeper level, I appreciated that Kenzo had faith in our ability to rise to a challenge. I also appreciated the diversity in body shapes that were represented. We definitely didn’t run the risk of having only drawn muscular men and willowy women, and therefore not being able to adjust our minds for a model that ran against our practice and expectations. I will definitely be recommending this class to my friends… THANK YOU for this class and your YouTube videos. Your approach has made a very big difference for me, and I appreciate the supportive community you have so carefully built.

– Isabel

This is the first time I have taken a course in figure drawing. This course taught me a lot more than I thought it would. There are many aspects and challenges that it covers and still it provides excellent guidance in everything.

It gave us an opportunity to work on many different tasks while at the same time returning to some key skills that must be repeatedly trained – love it!

Kenzo, you are an inspirational teacher who manages to pinpoint what is both difficult and yet possible to overcome for all of us. You have given us both individual assessments and instructions and also comments and advice that we have all benefited from.

It has been rewarding that you also take the help of Mayko. It’s so good to get explanations based on not just a single point of view, this directly gives a perspective.

There is much more to say … But big thanks to you Kenzo! and so also to Mayko. Hope you will continue with these courses. I will follow you and both repeat the course parts and also see what new you offer!

greetings from Staffan

Kenzo – First, thank you for putting this class together and making it available. It is well thought out and is a valuable tool for those of us that only have online learning options.

Your teaching style matches my learning style and that creates a sense of comfort that opens the door to learning – for me as beginner starting out that is critical. You’re reminders that we are our own worse critics compliment that comfort.

I was not able to keep up because of my job, but having the videos available after the class means I can do them again. This availability is another positive part of the class.

Overall, I enjoyed your teaching style, the way in later videos you discuss the different approaches you and Mayko have and finally, your crits that are always positive.

Best regards,


Early on, Kenzo said he felt it was important for each of us to learn to be our own best art teacher. The course provided strategies to approach life drawing that I can continue to use in my practice to become a better artist. Kenzo got me to question myself, to critique my own work. Of course, he gave me feedback, but also asked how I felt the lesson had worked for me. Perhaps the strongest advantage that the course gave me was to question my draftsmanship, my expressiveness, and to grow my self-confidence in the face of a failed drawing, because I now know I will keep going. I won’t give up. I intend to continue to express myself through drawing, because it makes me feel free and joyful, and I am thankful to Kenzo, Mayko, and my fellow artists for their support.

This was my first online course for any subject and it was a great experience. Thanks for your help in my growth as an artist and for making a difference in my life.
– Phil

My name is Danuta and I live in England. I am a retired professional nurse/midwife and I have always wanted to be an artist but somehow life always seemed to get in the way. I turned to art on retirement and began by teaching myself to draw, which is when I discovered Kenzo at and so it all began.

The course content and tuition was excellent, with just the right level of detail.

Kenzo has an amiable delivery and his empathetic nature is particularly reassuring for beginners and those relatively new to life drawing. Inclusion on the course gives the student access to a community forum; where it’s possible to display your drawings and get feed-back from fellow students. Each week focuses on a different aspect of life drawing and ends with an evaluation of work, which is helpful and instructive.

I was initially unsure about an on line course. However, on completion of the course, I have noticed a marked improvement in my life drawing skills which, in turn, has informed all other areas of my artistic practice. Therefore, I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.
– Danuta

I found the freedom to watch the lessons at any time especially important. I was on vacation the first two weeks of the course and only caught up two weeks after the course ended… I believe that I improved because I put more time in drawing. Having the goal of completing the course encouraged me to draw more often. I also like knowing that I can go back and redo any part of the course in the future. I am happy that I signed up for the course.
– Shirley M

I was looking for a class to build some solid foundations. This class was everything I wanted and more – it proved to be more personal, useful, and detailed than my in-person figure drawing class. The pacing and workload was just right, and I was able to draw consistently every week despite having a full time job… I loved that we had a whole community of like-minded, passionate artists that supported each other throughout the journey. It also allowed me to see the range of how everyone approached the same problem in different ways. Thanks again Kenzo for an amazing course and helping me find my way back to my love for drawing!
– Shirley X

This has been one of the best drawing courses ever. Although I’m not leaving yet, I wanted to say it’s been great to be part of this wonderful experience. I have learnt so much from you and I’m am grateful for all the help and advice you have given me. I found that your lesson on drawing techniques are clear, well presented and your tips on drawing were extremely helpful. Thanks to Kenzo and Mayko and to our community for making this a wonderful experience.
– Ramonita

I found the program was really worthwhile and I learned a lot – I’m so glad I was able to finish it. I liked Kenzo’s enthusiasm and his positive approach when providing feedback – lots of detail and information here. I also liked the focus on enjoying the drawing process and not worrying too much about the end result. I’m so glad that I was able to access the material and complete the course after the the program’s official ending – even though I couldn’t get personal feedback about my work I was able to review feedback previously provided to others and that just was as valuable for me.

Thanks for the great program Kenzo.
– Stephen

Spring 2019 Student Testimonials:

Hi Kenzo,
I really enjoyed this course and I can definitely say that I see an improvement in my drawing. I’m not so afraid when trying to draw what looks like a difficult pose. All of the feedback I received really helped me so much and seeing everyone’s drawing inspired me.
I have never had art classes/formal training before, so this is my first class. Kenzo and Ms. Mayko are wonderful teachers, the teaching style that Kenzo uses is more like a friend then an instructor. While some students were more advance in their art, Kenzo never treated us non advance students as less then. All of his feedback was encouraging.
All of the students were also very kind. No matter the skill level, everyone was encouraging and were happy to share tips or advice when able.
Overall I would say that this was money well spent.

Thank you Kenzo and Mayko. You have been beyond generous with information, feedback, encouragement and examples. The alternation of lessons and practice sessions reinforces your message that learning to draw is about doing it. For a person (like myself) who has relied on a careful and systematic approach to drawing the figure, your many strategies for introducing gesture were non-threatening, fun, and inspiring: I was completely won over. Yes, drawing takes effort and concentration, but your program also provides the counterbalance of freedom and spontaneity. It is clearly the product of much clear thought.

I was trying to find a suggestion for improvement, but it’s hard. It’s amazing how you could cover so much in so little time. I’m very happy of the course because it taught me a lot and made me understand where I can improve my lines and my whole approach to the figure drawing.
Thank you again for the course!

This was an awesome experience for me. I knew I could draw but I wasn’t confident of my growth. This course helped me analyze things analytically and also do quick gestures. I feel more confident now but of course just like with everything else the more we practice, the better we get. The comments were very helpful from Kenzo and the other artists as well. The videos being 30 mins were extremely comfortable for me due to my work schedule and I usually take some time to register the lesson. I checked how I used to draw before and now. It has improved greatly.
I am very happy that I chose this course and very grateful to be part of this community.
Thank you so much Kenzo and Mayko.

I absolutely loved the course! I could tell you poured your heart into it.
I’ve taken a few drawing courses online before and this was nothing like what I’ve experienced before. Most courses I’ve done were just a collection of videos you pay for. Not this one, and that’s because you gave feedback and were actually very, very active in the forums.
I felt really challenged and struggled a lot, but that kinda was the point. Everybody in the community was so supportive.

This program really helped me with my figure drawing. I noticed that my simplification (though never easy) has gotten better… Depending and if and when this course will be offered again – I will sign up to participate. Thank you Kenzo and Mayko for a well designed and prepared figure drawing experience.

I thank Kenzo and Mayko of Love Life Drawing for their wonderful course and my classmates for their support and comments. Kenzo’s teachings are inspiring and encourage creativity.
It was my first online course and was skeptical when I registered. Today I can say this course was GREAT and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in gesture drawings (beginners or advanced artists).

I’ve taken a few short courses online earlier this year related to figure drawing, and what separates this one from the others is the emphasis on analytical drawing early in the program. After going through the analytical lessons I noticed that my drawings started to tighten up, and noticed that my ability to perceive accurately increased. I felt that I was making real progress and had lots of fun in the process, and for this reason I highly recommend this course to any aspiring artist.
cheers Kenzo!

Pace was perfect with very nice guided sessions. Enjoyed thorough, interesting and focused practice sessions.

It’s been a great course; very challenging at times. I think it explained a lot that I didn’t understand, and has given me a great deal to go on working and thinking about, because it has demonstrated how much room there is for improvement. One of the major pluses has been the community among the participants, which you may not have planned for, but which I’m sure is helped enormously by the teaching style, and your encouragement. Very warm thanks to both of you for this course, and for all your personal support.

As a complete novice I found the course inspiring and it gave the structure and purpose for me to have the confidence to make a start and to make some marks on paper. I feel I have made real progress and have even attended a life drawing session locally where I could put my work into action. the course has been a revelation to me and opened a world I didn’t know existed.
Thank you Kenzo for all your hard work, for imparting the knowledge to build the skills and for the motivation to keep at it.

This was an amazing journey for me. This has helped me in very many ways. I never had a consistent drawing routine. After … drawing almost everyday I am inspired to continue it and I am happy that I have now developed a daily drawing schedule.
This program gave me confidence in my drawing skills and immense encouragement to continue this creative journey.
Thank you so much Kenzo for being such a great teacher, being so meticulous in going through our work and giving all of us so much of inspiration and guiding us patiently to go deeper into our practice.
As I said this has been my first ever drawing course and though it was a ‘virtual class’ I never felt so. Though there were moments of despair and frustration I enjoyed every moment of this journey. In the city where I live there is no opportunity to attend a live drawing class. So I am so grateful that I got such a wonderful chance. I consider this program to be a turning point in my life, lending more beauty and meaning to my life. I have been wishing for a long time to focus and improve my drawing skills and LoD has been a successful launching pad for this.
I am excited to hear about the new community platform and am looking forward to it.
I would certainly let you know my views and suggestions for improvement for future programs.
Heartfelt thanks to Mayko too. I am literally mesmerized watching her figures coming to life.
I haven’t yet come to terms that this program has come to an end!!! But I know every ending is a new beginning.
Good luck for all your efforts, Kenzo.

I am so grateful to have found you. It was a coincidence. You are an excellent teacher. I wish you teach everything I need to learn, not only art! 😉 The way you talk about my work, helped me change my inner voice and had an effect on my life in general not only in my artistic endeavours… I can see how much I progressed.
Even though I revolutionised my inner critic, I am going to miss yours and all my classmates’ encouraging comments whenever I draw something.

Thank you both for the course. I have learned a lot of tips and have had an opportunity to improve my skills. I have also identified areas which I haven’t grasped and appreciate that I can go back and redo these.
Best Regards

Great course! A lot of practical work, it was this work that gave the most desired effect in training.
Most of all I liked it when Kenzo did a review of my work and gave advice on improvement and advice on what and how to work…
Kenzo, Thanks for the great course!

I absolutely loved the class. The pacing was spot on and I thought everything was well covered. As a beginner -I’d only been drawing for a few months- the class was ideal. I’m primarily interested in figures and week 1, lesson 1 is right into figures rather than coffee mugs, spheres, boxes, and whatever else most classes use as a starting point. Additionally, while many programs claim to be geared toward beginners, one quickly finds they are not, even if only in terms of jargon. Feedback in the class is helpful and constructive, but also positive and supportive. For me, this was the perfect place to start life drawing.
I honestly did love this class and I’m bummed it’s over. Hopefully they’ll be something to follow up on in the future. I enjoy pastels and Mayko seems to as well, that would be an amazing class.
Grace and Peace,

I would have occasional success with my drawings and it was very difficult to get a drawing done unless I spent a lot of time on it. This program gave me path to execute better drawings and visualize them faster with the many systems it put together. I finally have a path to follow. My drawings have really improved but it still is a work in progress. It was so much fun communicating with Kenzo and the other artists. Kenzo and his mom were very inspiring and it was a great way to concentrate on the classes. Everything has improved in my drawings and I saw even really good artists as well as beginners make improvements as well as myself. I’m definitely in the next program they put on, what a bargain.

Overall I really loved the program. It was long enough to cover many topics but not too long as to get burned out. Kenzo has a pleasant voice and demeanor. He conveys the lessons confidently and effectively. I do believe I have improved, my proportions are more intuitive and lines more confident. Much more practice is required butt I now have a better base to go from. I love how Kenzo always has positive things to say on every drawing regardless of the artists skill level. The criticism is always very constructive. I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Cheers.

Excellent course, especially for me as a I am just starting out in drawing and in figure drawing, and learning as an older person. I am amazed at how well Kenzo provides excellent instruction and feedback to accomplished artists as well as someone like me who is just starting out. Although, due to personal issues, I was unable to keep up with the course on a weekly basis, I found the discussion and camaraderie of the other students incredibly encouraging and helpful. The feedback videos for the other artists, who requested feedback, are wonderful, they really helped me to focus and identify areas that I could work on as well. I have no hesitation recommending this course to any level of artist. Anyone who is starting out or anyone who is accomplished will gain from this workshop!

Being new to drawing I was looking for some basic easy to understand and follow instruction. I found it here with Kenzo. The lessons are always well written and presented. The content follow a logical flow which makes it that much better. Overall it was time very well spent. Thank you Kenzo for all your help.

Hi Kenzo, firstly thanks for such a great [program] which for me was paced just right. Starting by building skills on each part of the body then bringing it all together in week 5. After the break the lessons continued to provide challenging content and really helped me get to grips with gesture.
On a personal level thank you and Mayko for a fantastic ten weeks in which I have grown as an artist along with my peers. I look forward to more of your videos in the future.

Thank YOU Kenzo. I had a great experience … Although I regularly attend a live figure drawing group, it had been hit and miss as to how I managed to eek out a drawing. Now I feel like I have tools to work with, and my drawings are starting to show improvement even with the live model. I appreciate that you are able to break things down for easier consumption, but also kept in mind the bigger picture. Your gentle encouragement without pandering to us was the perfect motivator.
So thank you ever so much for making this lesson possible, via online and then affordable too. You’re a gifted teacher!


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