Equipment and Materials

Our guide to equipment, kit, paraphernalia, gear, bits and pieces Mayko and I talked through the best equipment for a budding life drawing artist. Different materials and tools will work for different artists, and a process of trial and error will be needed for everyone. However, we did figure out some important things to consider and some top […]

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Use of colour example

How to introduce colour to your life drawings

As you can see from the variety of technical topics on this site, there’s a lot involved with just drawing a figure, so why add another dimension to an already complex mix? Indeed many artists continue to focus on monochrome drawing and can continue to find new depths with one colour. However, as you can […]

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Pastels (video)

Characteristics: rich and pleasant colour, difficult to handle sometimes – especially soft pastels, cannot be erased easily. Who should use it? It’s not an easy medium to handle at first. Practise and a bit of determination are needed to master pastels, but they’re well worth the investment. Copying the pastel work by masters such as […]

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