Top five tips for a budding life drawing student

The first thing Mayko pointed out when I asked for basic tips on life drawing was that it’s wrong to think too much about prescriptive ‘how to’ steps in drawing. Drawing style and technique are unique to the individual and there isn’t a ‘correct approach’. When painting or cooking, there is more scope for discussions […]

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Copy of Barocci, life drawing

3 methods of practising that will improve your figure drawings

Understanding technique is crucial for drawing – which is why much of our site is dedicated to it. However, even more important than technical knowledge is practice. This can be a pretty annoying fact. If only we could download the know-how into our brains like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and hey presto – ‘I […]

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Figure drawing of woman lying down foreshortened

Student blog part 1

We’re lucky to have Mayko and other experienced artists here to give us professional support and advice. Sometimes though students can also learn from someone that is going through the same learning process, so I’ll be writing articles on my experiences implementing life drawing advice. I’ve always loved drawing from my imagination but have little […]

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