Lesson 1 – Introduction

This is the start of a series of lessons designed to help you build a solid foundation of life drawing skills, with the end goal being expressive drawings in your own style. We’ll go through a straightforward and doable drawing process and a set of exercises designed to help you develop the skills in those […]

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1 Introduction to the course

Drawing figures is fantastically challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The key to your progress will boil down to practice, so an important ingredient to your success will be to stay disciplined and draw on a regular basis. Have a look at our article ‘Keeping your drawing muscles fit – how to stay disciplined’ for some […]

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Skateboarding at the southbank painting

Lovedrawing Podcast 9 – Francis Bowyer

Francis Bowyer is an award winning artist, former president of the Royal Watercolour Society, life drawing teacher, and most importantly a friendly and generous guy. You can see a bio for him here. He kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Love Drawing podcast. During the interview he told us about what role life drawing […]

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