Bonus video – portrait

Having made the Draw Life Beautifully online course, we are now old hands at making videos. This was the first video we ever made, but we think it still has some good information. It’s all about drawing technique and how to build up a drawing. To build a solid foundation of life drawing skills, have […]

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The final version of Judi Dench

Portraits: the ultimate challenge part II

In part 1 we discussed why portrait art is so difficult, and that one way to simplify things is to think in simple geometric shapes and keep in mind some basic principles. Disengage the facial recognition software Thinking in simple geometric shapes can help the brain to stop thinking of what you are seeing as […]

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Portraits: the ultimate challenge

Portraiture is an artform of endless possibilities. Drawing is very expressive, and faces are arguably the most expressive thing that we see. So it’s no wonder that portraits, in all their myriad forms, are one of the most captivating types of art. But holy cow are they difficult! Drawing a face that looks halfway human […]

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