The most important thing to keep in mind when learning life drawing

  Before going into anatomy or perspective, it’s really important to understand something that many of the best artists emphasise repeatedly. There isn’t a ‘correct’ approach to life drawing. Everyone has their own style, and that style will itself constantly evolve. You are doing things right when you are having fun and feel satisfied that […]

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Copy of Barocci, life drawing

3 methods of practising that will improve your figure drawings

Understanding technique is crucial for drawing – which is why much of our site is dedicated to it. However, even more important than technical knowledge is practice. This can be a pretty annoying fact. If only we could download the know-how into our brains like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and hey presto – ‘I […]

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Skateboarding at the southbank painting

Lovedrawing Podcast 9 – Francis Bowyer

Francis Bowyer is an award winning artist, former president of the Royal Watercolour Society, life drawing teacher, and most importantly a friendly and generous guy. You can see a bio for him here. He kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Love Drawing podcast. During the interview he told us about what role life drawing […]

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