Consistent progress every month.

Join the Life Drawing Study Group and give your practice the structure, peer support, expert guidance and accountability you need to master figure drawing.

A monthly skill focus

As a group we will choose the technical area to focus on each month. Topic examples would be:

Resources and guidance

Peer support

You’ll be surrounded by a group of artists just as passionate as you working on the same skills.

There will be private space in the community to share your work and questions with the group. And what you share doesn’t just have to be from the monthly topic, but your other learning and experiments too.

It is proven that students learn as much if not more from peers as they do from teachers, which is why our study group will have both.

Create the environment in which
skills can grow

What it'll look like

The live lessons, classroom area, exercises, references, recordings, demonstrations will all be in one place – a private area in our community.

Feedback from past students

Your crystal clear lessons on the body’s proportions, anatomical landmarks, the volume of the body and its planes (perspective) have been like a revelation


I was so impressed with Kenzo’s teaching and his ability to get concepts across to a wide variety of students, both in experience and in location, all on a virtual platform.


Thanks again for a great class and for your ongoing offerings. It’s good to have some connection to others building their figure drawing skills. I’ll be hanging out in this lovely ‘hood you’ve created



It is completely flexible. Some months you may not be able to dedicate much time, and that’s fine. On the other hand, if you have plenty of time and energy, you can dive into the exercises more deeply. 

No this is also flexible – some people love to share their drawings and participate in the community discussions. Other people like to see other people’s drawings and see the conversation, but prefer not to actively participate themselves. Either way is fine.

Our course, Life Drawing Simplified, provides you with a structured system for learning the fundamentals of figure drawing. It is a one-off investment of time and effort to build your foundations.


I have personally benefited a ton from courses and challenges. However, I found that often my practice at other times of the year would lose purpose and direction.


Learning life drawing is a long-term pursuit with so many topics to dive into. This group is here to help with your long-term learning, getting into more specific topics and giving your ongoing practice more structure and support. The course and this group will be very different in format and content, and will complement each other really well.

Yes you can check out a recording I posted in our community here.

Yes you can. Use this link to sign up with GBP .

Let's get you really good at figure drawing together.

Join the study group and give your skills the best environment to grow in.