make your drawings more stylish and beautiful

Once you have your fundamental skills in place, you can add Style & Design with this course. This course is available to our Life Drawing Study Group members.

Learn how to design your edges and shapes and also create lively and dynamic drawings.

Discover the key visual elements that can give your drawings visual appeal and personal expression


Go beyond drawing the figure with exercises designed to help you draw what the figure is doing


Capture the light and dark areas on the figure with beautifully designed shapes.


Below you can see a pose Carrie drew in 2020 on the left. She came back to figure drawing and did the Fresh Eyes mini-course in December 2022 and you can see the big difference it made! Since then, Carrie has continued to work with us in our Study Group – you can see what she’s doing now on the right. This is what is possible once you can see the figure with Fresh Eyes. Carrie has been a pleasure to work with and her dedication to learning really shines through in her drawings!

What will I learn and will it work?

Check out the video to see what you’ll be working on and why it’s so effective.

What is the time commitment? The course is designed to be flexible to fit your schedule. Each section has a 1 hour lesson and 4 exercises. The exercises contain further tutorials and explanations. Each exercise can be completed in around 1 hour, but further practice is recommended.

dynamic sketch of two baseball players in action

Who is this for? Artists whose confidence with the fundamentals is growing. This course will help you bring aesthetic appeal to your drawings. You’ll learn to design your edges and shapes well and bring in more dynamism to your lines.


Feedback from past students

Your crystal clear lessons on the body’s proportions, anatomical landmarks, the volume of the body and its planes (perspective) have been like a revelation


I was so impressed with Kenzo’s teaching and his ability to get concepts across to a wide variety of students, both in experience and in location, all on a virtual platform.


Thanks again for a great class and for your ongoing offerings. It’s good to have some connection to others building their figure drawing skills. I’ll be hanging out in this lovely ‘hood you’ve created



As you progress in figure drawing, you may find you can draw with reasonable accuracy, but struggle to create work that is expressive with the visual appeal your favourite artists can achieve.

At this point, it’s time to start to learn about edge and shape design and start thinking more about the composition of your drawings. In this course, we learn about the various ways we can vary edges across our drawings. We also learn how we can design the shapes of light and dark to express what we care about in the pose. And finally, we learn how to draw what the pose is doing, to bring more energy and movement to the drawings.

So in other words, this course is for you if you can draw competently and you would like to make your drawings more stylish and expressive. I see it as a bridge from intermediate to advanced figure drawing. You can see how it fits into the broader Study Group learning system below.

If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to email me!