Well done Barbara!

Barbara's progression

Barbara was very new to life drawing before starting the course. She was very diligent throughout and I actually couldn’t believe how quickly she progressed. The simplification system gave her a clear learning pathway. My favourite part of her story is that by week 6, she was boldly tackling quick gesture drawings with a pen! You can see her efforts below.

Mary's Progression

Well done Mary!

Mary had done some figure drawing courses and workshops in the past, but was still unsure how to approach a figure. She went into the course with an amazing learner’s mindset and her progression was so impressive. She worked very hard at the simplified framework we use, which you can see in her week 2 drawings below. By week 6, she was finding poses to tackle herself unguided, and you can see how her drawings developed with that tricky pose she absolutely nailed.

Well done Teck!

Teck's Progression

Teck was already quite experienced and skilled as a figure drawing artist, as you can see in his ‘before’ picture below. However, the confidence and design skills he developed by being clear in his simplifications of forms and shapes led him to some beautiful drawings, as you can see in his after drawing on the right!

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