Life Drawing Simplified Lesson 1

Below you will find the first lesson for the Life Drawing Simplified Course. It’s a really useful introduction to the simplification principles that LDS is all about. It will also let you see how the lessons work.

It’s an interactive lesson, meaning you will be drawing with me! That means you should grab something to draw with – it doesn’t have to be fancy for this lesson, but something you can make light initial marks with and make corrections to is probably a good idea (e.g. a pencil rather than a pen).

If you sign up for the course, there will be a practice session based on this (and all the other lessons) and a community of likeminded students (plus myself) to share your drawings with, plus group feedback sessions. You can sign up for the course below!

Please note there’s some nudity in this lesson and you have to be over 18 to watch this video, thanks.

(The sign up options are at the bottom of that page).