Mindset, Charcoal, Anatomy for Figure & Portrait Drawing – Frank Gambino

Here’s the other highlight video focusing on drawing technique, in case you missed it.

Frank’s Instagram.

Frank Gambino is a great artist and life drawing teacher. This video has Frank’s insights about charcoal, finding your way as an artist, failed drawings, anatomy and a bit on drawing hair. Frank is great at explaining things in a really down to earth and relaxed way.

I went round to his flat, he drew me and we talked. This video has some of the highlights. He has found his own way through the art journey, in terms of technical ability, style, material and purpose. He really enjoyed how frank he was with his thoughts on different aspects of learning to draw, including topics like anatomical knowhow and ‘formulas’.


How to Draw Any Pose from IMAGINATION

https://youtu.be/5T99JiMZ59c During your journey of learning to draw the figure, you’ll probably have pivotal, memorable moments. Maybe it’s a drawing that felt like a turning