Love Drawing Podcast 18 – Peter Dobbin

In this episode, I interview professional concept artist and storyboard artist Peter Dobbin. He’s recently started using Instagram, so if you’re on there, check his drawings out here and welcome him to the platform. His daily sketches Tumblr page is also really fun.

Every morning, Peter gets his drawing muscles warmed up with these awesome gestural sketches, done from imagination:



Peter has created a map of the world showing the Mythical Monsters that are part of the culture of different countries. Monsters are a great way for kids to be able to relate to cultures from around the world. It required him to combine his figure drawing abilities with his research and his imagination. Check it out here.

Peter’s life drawings are collected on this Tumblr page.

You can also see his art in the Cluedo game, which you can find on the App Store or the Play Store:

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