Lovedrawing Podcast 9 - Francis Bowyer

Francis Bowyer is an award winning artist, former president of the Royal Watercolour Society, life drawing teacher, and most importantly a friendly and generous guy. You can see a bio for him here. He kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Love Drawing podcast.

During the interview he told us about

  • what role life drawing can play in any artist’s skill set
  • getting started¬†with life drawing
  • how to make technical progress
  • how to take things to the next level, beyond technique and towards personal expression

Here are some examples of his artwork:


Painting figure waiter

A painting of a waiter by Francis – this distinctive style is discussed in the podcast


Bowyer waiter 2

Skateboarding at the southbank painting

Love this – Skateboarding in the Southbank. Francis’ use of colour is fantastic and his paintings are full of life and energy

By the way, they are planning on getting rid of the skateboarding at the South Bank, which would be a huge shame. It’s a cultural landmark that has grown organically and many passers-by enjoy it everyday. There’s a petition to save the Southbank skateboarding here.

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