Jake Spicer figure drawing

Love Drawing Podcast 13 – Interview with Jake Spicer

In July I had the opportunity to attend Skip Gallery (see the article here). At that event, I got the chance to interview a very thoughtful and passionate life drawing teacher – Jake Spicer.

Jake Spicer runs life drawing sessions around the UK, with his regular class being Brighton Drawing (@brightondrawing on Instagram). You may have seen his books on the shelves in art shops, like his new book ‘You Will Be Able to Draw by the End of this Book’ (that’s how I found out about him). Jake’s books are aimed at making drawing accessible.

Jake Spicer figure drawing

Plenty of feeling and skill in Jake’s figure drawings

During the session, he used a useful selection of exercises to get the group in the right mindset – detaching them from their brain’s preconceptions about the human form, helping them let go of the desire to control the drawing’s outcome. We talk about these exercises in this podcast.

We also talked about whether beginners should focus on technical knowhow, such as anatomy, or basic observational skills, the role of digital drawing, the state of life drawing in the world today and how much you should do focused exercises versus general drawing practice.

Another of Jake Spicer’s many fantastic life drawings

Jake is a lovely guy and very articulate, I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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