How to Draw HAIR – a simple method with amazing results

I’m really excited about this hair drawing tutorial! The method Frank shows us is really simple but incredibly effective. Here’s why this is a must-watch:

1. Hair is overlooked, but when done well hugely powerful for both portraits and figure drawings. Hair is a defining feature of many people.

2. Frank Gambino such an expert in drawing hair, especially with charcoal, and in this video he’s giving us a really doable and straight forward approach. Check out Frank’s Instagram.

3. You can see me trying it in the video for the first time, and it works great. I think it’ll work for you too if you follow the steps.

Here are some extra notes about the tutorial:

1. We are drawing Mayko’s hair which is dark and straight. This type of hair is relatively simple to draw, so it’s a great place to start. If you’d like more tutorials about fair hair, blonde hair and curly hair, let us know in the comments below.

2. We are using willow charcoal here. You would use the same steps with graphite pencil. It’s probably a good idea to sharpen in a way that you can use the side of the lead for that flat mid-tone bit.

3. Try this yourself and let us know how it goes! Get a head close up photo of someone with dark straight hair to start with, with some light on their hair so you have something to draw and easiest to try it out with charcoal to start with.

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