This short series of tutorials is about drawing faces. Start from the ‘The Face in Profile’.

Getting a likeness when drawing faces

John Singer Sargeant once said “a portrait is a painting in which something is wrong with the mouth.” When it comes to drawing accuracy, I’m not sure there’s anything more demanding than achieving a likeness in a portrait. Achieving a likeness means that your drawing of a person is recognisable as that person. But when […]

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Drawing faces – 3/4 angles

In our last video, we went through a simple process for drawing faces from the side. The process when drawing a face from the front is similar to side-on views, but because you can see both sides of the face, the relationship between the two sides becomes important. The face will look natural if we […]

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The face in profile – tips on the mouth, nose and eyes

This video is filled with tips for drawing facial features, including the mouth, nose and eyes. In case you prefer, we’ve also written out the lesson below with screenshots. Putting in a rough structure Draw the overall shape of the head with light but bold strokes as we’ve described in past videos. Don’t worry too […]

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