Draw figures beautifully by mastering just a few skills.

You’ll become confident with gesture, values and simplifying forms once you’ve worked through our fun and efficient Fundamentals course. This course is available to our Life Drawing Study Group members.

All artists that want to draw people should learn these skills

Guided exercises to improve your figure drawing skills

The course is divided into three sections:

Turning the figure into simple forms so its far easier to draw

Exercises designed to build your gesture skills

Seeing the light and shadow across the figure in terms of large simple shapes

SCOTT progressed so much - you can too!

Scott started studying with us in mid-2021. He then joined our Study Group when it opened in 2022. It has been so fun to work with Scott and see the incredible transformation in his drawings.

HOW The figure foundations course works

Who is this for? All artists that want to draw people should learn these skills. They are the heart of figure drawing. If you are new to figure drawing, I would recommend starting with ‘Figure Foundations’ before doing this course.

What is the time commitment? The course is designed to be flexible to fit your schedule. Each section has a 1 hour lesson and 4 exercises. The exercises contain further tutorials and explanations. Each exercise can be completed in around 1 hour, but further practice is recommended.

What will I learn and will it work?

Check out the video to see what you’ll be working on and why it’s so effective.

Feedback from past students

Your crystal clear lessons on the body’s proportions, anatomical landmarks, the volume of the body and its planes (perspective) have been like a revelation


I was so impressed with Kenzo’s teaching and his ability to get concepts across to a wide variety of students, both in experience and in location, all on a virtual platform.


Thanks again for a great class and for your ongoing offerings. It’s good to have some connection to others building their figure drawing skills. I’ll be hanging out in this lovely ‘hood you’ve created



I know what it’s like to try to learn figure drawing and get nowhere. I felt so much frustration and kept thinking I simply didn’t have enough ‘talent’ to get anywhere with it.

If you’ve ever felt lost with figure drawing, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with you. That’s the experience almost everyone has. The difference between people that end up succeeding and those that don’t is simply a question of whether they work on their fundamental skills effectively. The way to do that is to break each one down into bitesize chunks and turn the big journey into a series of small, doable steps.

This is how our study group is set up. You can see the learning system laid out below. Within each course, there is a sequence of exercises designed to be doable, so you are always set up for success. It’s worked for so many students and it’ll work for you too!