What is the Fresh Eyes Challenge?

Fresh Eyes is a FREE ten-day drawing challenge all about transforming the way that you see the figure. The challenge is suitable for all abilities, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist.

You will learn to quickly identify the relationships between the forms in the figure that define both the gesture and the structure, bringing your drawings to life. We will strip away all the irrelevant information and focus on the forms at the heart of figure drawing.

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What can I expect?

You will progress through a series of concise tutorials and daily practice exercises designed to build your skills in a logical sequence. The pace is designed to be challenging but never overwhelming. (Check out the first tutorial here).

Each day you will have 5 new poses to practise with, specially designed for the exercise.

To support your learning, there are also recorded live sessions, and a community to share your drawings. So to summarise, you get:

Tutorials. References. Exercises. Community



"I loved the challenge Kenzo. It really does refresh your eyes, I feel like I now have the tools to problem solve complex poses that I struggled with before."



"Before, figure drawing has always made me nervous as there's so much information to take in and render, but now after completing the challenge, I feel much more confident in approaching figures."



"I used to do figure drawing from books and videos and never got any better, but when I did the Fresh Eyes Challenge, my eyes were suddenly opened!! I felt that the idea of moving the 2D doll by myself was revolutionary."

What will we cover?

We will start by removing the third dimension and thinking in 2D. This allows us to focus on some crucial characteristics of the forms in the figure.

You will actually move and adjust the 2D model to match various poses before drawing them. You will never have seen the ribcage to pelvis relationship with such clarity.

From there, we will progress to seeing those same forms and relationships in 3D, using simplified forms to draw the figure with. Once again, you will see with a new simplicity and clarity.

Oh and by the way...

We have a reference library with hundreds of high quality life drawing reference images for you to practice your drawing with. When you sign up to the challenge, you also get access to that!