A proven way to accelerate your figure drawing progress

Fresh Eyes is a 10 day mini-course that uses a unique 2D interactive model to transform how you see the figure

Join hundreds of artists that have successfully transformed how they see the figure.


Below you can see a pose Carrie drew in 2020 on the left. She came back to figure drawing and did the Fresh Eyes mini-course in December 2022 and you can see the big difference it made! Since then, Carrie has continued to work with us in our Study Group – you can see what she’s doing now on the right. This is what is possible once you can see the figure with Fresh Eyes. Carrie has been a pleasure to work with and her dedication to learning really shines through in her drawings!

What will I learn?

Through Fresh Eyes, you will successfully learn to see:

How will this be achieved?

Fresh Eyes uses extreme simplification to help you find and understand these ideas. We will remove a whole dimension!

We have special reference images with flat poses, and we developed an interactive 2D model of the figure. You will use this model to replicate the poses you see before you draw.

From there, we will slowly increase the difficulty so that you can handle any pose. It is a proven and innovative approach to learning to draw the figure.

Why do I need to learn those things?

The above skills are pre-requisites before other skills such as gesture, simple forms and further anatomy can be learned. If you’ve struggled with figure drawing, there is a strong chance it is simply because you haven’t put these foundational skills in place first. Fresh Eyes is here for you.

What do I need to do?

All you need is something to draw with and to sign up below. We will provide the references, instructions and the special 2D model.


I loved the challenge Kenzo. It really does refresh your eyes, I feel like I now have the tools to problem solve complex poses that I struggled with before.


Before, figure drawing has always made me nervous as there’s so much information to take in and render, but now after completing the challenge, I feel much more confident in approaching figures.


I used to do figure drawing from books and videos and never got any better, but when I did the Fresh Eyes Challenge, my eyes were suddenly opened!! I felt that the idea of moving the 2D doll by myself was revolutionary.


Note from Kenzo:

Most life drawing instruction doesn’t work until you have these skills in place. This is why I was spinning my wheels with my figure drawing progress for so long. I made Fresh Eyes so that you can accelerate past that phase. Ideas like gesture, drawing with simple forms, diving deeper into anatomy - these topics make sense and start to work for you once you can see how the ribcage relates to the pelvis or you already understand how the shoulder pivots. That is what Fresh Eyes is designed to give you. Seeing so many people doing this mini-course and having huge breakthroughs in their skills has been very rewarding. I would love to see the same happen for your drawings!



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