TIPS & DEMO from Portrait & Figure Drawing teacher Frank Gambino

Our own life drawing teacher is Frank Gambino. He has a powerful and expressive style of drawing figures and portraits with willow charcoal.

I went round to Frank’s flat, he drew a portrait of me and as he drew we talked all about drawing figures and portraits, and recorded the whole thing. This video has some of the conversation on which lines to start with and why the wrong marks are often the most useful thing to put down.

Frank is a fantastic artist drawing figures and portraits. His powerful drawings come straight from the heart. He’s also a really well known and respected teacher here in London. He has a clear and accessible approach to teaching people, so I was really excited to make these videos with him.

I’m going to make another of these highlight videos with bits where we talk about mindset, learning and practice and I’ll put the whole 2 hour video up on our website later this month too. Hope you enjoy it!

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