Foreshortening cross contour exercise

Here are some images to practise with that go along with the exercise we talked about in the foreshortening exercises lesson. First we will provide a version with just the lines, and then the photo, so draw the lines first and then try to add the arm. The main thing to get right with the lines are the distances and curvature. You can align each set of lines to each other to help get the distances right. Sorry about the armpit hair 😉

cross contour drawing exercise of an arm at different angles

three foreshortened arm poses with cross contour lines drawn on


foreshortening cross contour drawing examples

sequence of arm moving upwards with cross contour lines drawn on to show the effect of foreshortening



Here are some further photos you can use for the exercise, this time trying to just see the lines even though the arm is still there:

sequence of three arms bent at the elbow and tilting towards the camera. The cross-contour lines drawn on the arm demonstrate the foreshortening
four examples of foreshortenend arm poses with cross contour lines drawn onto the arm


If you haven’t seen the series on foreshortening, which I think you’ll find really illuminating, check it out here.


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