Below are the tutorials for Figuary 2021. You can find out about the challenge, our live sessions and joining our community on the main Figuary 2021 page.

The reference images for Figuary are from the wonderful Croquis Cafe.

Recordings for our live sessions are on our Vimeo channel.

Lesson One: Introduction to Figuary 2021 and how it all works:

Lesson Two: Insanely Simple Anatomy You Need for a Figure Quick Sketch in 10 Minutes

Lesson Three: Super Powerful Exercise 1: The Block In

Lesson Four: Full Figure Block In – Super Simple Step by Step

Lesson Five: Designing Long Lines – Exercise 2

Lesson Six: Designing Beautiful Shapes

Lesson Seven: Using Gestural Marks

Lesson Eight: Gesture Like An Animator

Lesson Nine: How to Draw Like Vynillus – Putting it all together

Lesson Ten: The Ultimate Guide to Shading + The Light Quiz