What is Figuary?

Figuary is a 28 day Figure Drawing Challenge that we do throughout February every year together with Croquis Cafe. Figuary 2021 is now over, but you can still do the challenge if you like!

We at Love Life Drawing provided a series of tutorials and live sessions to help you improve your technical skills.

Croquis Cafe provided life model reference videos for you to practise your skills everyday. It’s a powerful combination and many people have credited Figuary in past years with kickstarting or accelerating their life drawing progress. See below for details about accessing their videos.

There is a community area where you can share your drawings with fellow artists, plus you can use the #figuary21 on Instagram.

Below you will find details and links about our tutorial series, our live sessions, the reference poses from Croquis Cafe and the community area.

2021 Tutorial Series

This year we brought you a series of 10 lessons, so it’s more like a mini-course than just quick tips. We¬†collaborated with life drawing teacher Scott Breton to bring you a powerful sequence of exercises designed to build your figure quick sketch skills.

  • Week 1 – the surprisingly simple anatomy you need to tackle the figure in a quick sketch plus the first exercise – the Block In.
  • Week 2 – the second exercise – Designing Long Lines, plus we will learn about Designing Big Shapes.
  • Week 3 – Gestural Mark Making.
  • Week 4 – Learning from the extraordinary artist Andriy Vynogradov (aka @vynillus).

The lessons are all on our YouTube channel.

Live Sessions

by Andriy Vynogradov (@vynillus)

In the Figuary Live Sessions, we looked at the poses you’ve been drawing and analyse them based on the lesson series, we draw together and we have special guest instructors demonstrating useful techniques for you.

We also looked over people’s drawings from the community area. Our live sessions are always fun and relaxed.

You can see the recordings of the sessions on our Vimeo channel.

Accessing the Practice Poses

You may have seen that Croquis Cafe is now available only to paying members. We would recommend becoming a member of Croquis Cafe on their website if you can since they have amazing resources you can practise with year round.

During February 2021, Love Life Drawing viewers had free access to the Croquis Cafe Figuary videos but now that the month has ended, you’ll need to become a member with Croquis Cafe on their website. If you can’t afford to do that, you can still find other ways to do the challenge. You can apply the ideas from our lessons to any practice poses, for example you can find a lot of poses on the Croquis Cafe Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/croquiscafe/


Come and join in the fun on the Love Life Drawing Community page! Fellow artists share drawings, feedback and encouragement as they go through the challenge. It’s free to join up!

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