fill sketchbooks with confidence

The Draw Anything short course will give you the essential drafting skills you need to sketch from life. Filling sketchbooks this way will transform your general drawing ability.

This course is available to Study Group members.

Learn to see and draw a variety of objects and scenes from life

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Who is this for? All artists should learn these skills. If you already have a good grasp of perspective, proportions and observations and can sketch from life comfortably, you can skip this course and move to another study group course.

Objective: Learn to see and draw a variety of objects and scenes from life.

Content: Perspective, proportions and observational skills.

Format: 8 video lessons and 8 exercises.

Duration: Each video lesson is about 10 minutes long. Each exercise should take about 50 minutes to complete, with further practice recommended.

Dates: we will work through this course together as a group during October 2023. However, study group members can access and do the course any time they like, and will still be supported as they go through it.

How this fits into the study group learning system