Draw Along Club 9 – practise with us

This Draw Along has two 30 seconds drawings – a great way to loosen up and let go. Then two 60 second drawings, which feel like a lifetime after the 30 second ones. Then two 5 minute drawings and a 12 minute drawing.

In case you haven’t seen a Draw Along before, it’s all about practice – the number one ingredient to life drawing skills. We put up a series of Croquis Cafe photos on screen, draw them and narrate the process. If you like, you can draw along with us, and get some extra figure drawing practice.

Rather than needing to achieve correct drawings, try to relax into the drawing process.

If you are starting out with quick gestural drawings, try our 3-part series to learn how to do it.

You can find more Draw Alongs for more practice here.

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