Draw Along Club 5 – real time drawing practice

Welcome to another Draw Along Club. In these videos, we put up a series of drawings on the screen, we draw them and narrate the process. If you want to get out your sketchbook and draw along with us, that would be great!

This time we started with 5 blind drawings, each one lasting 1 minute. This is a great warm up exercise, where you draw a figure without looking at the paper. You can only look at the model. So your drawing will end up looking quite weird probably. It’s a great way to get yourself into a good mindset where you are not trying to control the outcome of the drawing.

We then do three 2 minute drawings and finish with a 10 minute drawing. The idea is to loosen up with the blind drawings and go with the flow, and then continue that into the 2 minute drawings and even the 10 minute drawing.

We use reference photos from the amazing and free resource Croquis Cafe.

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