Draw Along Club 11 – Lets Practise Together

Welcome to the Draw Along Club! In these videos, we put up a series of references photos from the wonderful Croquis Cafe and draw them on screen. We narrate it all, and invite you to draw along with us.

In this episode, we draw three 3 minute poses, two 5 minute poses and a 10 minute pose.

Remember that the point is not to do great drawings, but to practise and learn. There’s zero pressure here. It’s 30 minutes long, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop after 30 minutes – why not go and do more Croquis Cafe video practice or another Draw Along to get a good few hours in if you can.

Hope you enjoy it!


How to Draw Any Pose from IMAGINATION

https://youtu.be/5T99JiMZ59c During your journey of learning to draw the figure, you’ll probably have pivotal, memorable moments. Maybe it’s a drawing that felt like a turning