Draw Along Club 10 – Foreshortening Marathon

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the most unpopular video we’ve done! Only difficult foreshortened poses, for more than an hour!

The idea is that foreshortening in life drawing is not so much a complex technical issue, but more a matter of familiarity. To learn more about that, check out this video/article.

So this practice session is designed to start developing familiarity with poses viewed from these angles and develop those skills we talked about in part 2 of the foreshortening series.

Some of those skills include viewing the pose as a landscape, seeing geometric shapes, using negative space, and alignments. We also do some foreshortened arms with cross contour lines on them as a warmup.

So, get your sketchbooks ready, gear up for some tough figure drawings!

The photos come from the wonderful Croquis Cafe:


How to Draw Any Pose from IMAGINATION

https://youtu.be/5T99JiMZ59c During your journey of learning to draw the figure, you’ll probably have pivotal, memorable moments. Maybe it’s a drawing that felt like a turning