Life drawing tips

How to achieve BALANCE in your figure drawings – 3 easy steps

Most of the advice you’ve heard on this has probably either been impossible to implement or just wrong. A lot of figure drawings don’t have the figure balanced, I’ve done millions of drawings like that, and it feels weird for the viewer. So let’s get your figures balanced. The really

Learn Everything About Drawing in 10 minutes

It is useful to see the big picture and the various things that we have to learn to be able to draw (and that it isn’t as overwhelming as it sometimes feels!). The above is a video that aims to capture all the skills that matter in drawing in 10

The Secret to Practising Your Art CONSISTENTLY

Consistent practice of the fundamental principles of art will get you the results you are dreaming of. The above statement is true, but that consistency is not always easy to achieve. I think a lot of us judge ourselves for not being consistent enough with the things we want to

4 Simple Tweaks to Transform Beginner Drawings

Before throwing my old life drawings away, I took a marker pen and saw if I could fix them quickly. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I was so much closer to good figure drawings than I thought I was, and maybe you are too.

We Tested 7 Pencils for Life Drawing – Big Difference!

In this video we review a series of pencils specifically for life drawing. The pencil you use needs to have a few characteristics to help your practice be successful, but there are various materials that meet those requirements. We tell you which is our current favourite and which to avoid.

6 Skills for Intermediate Level Artists – The Roadmap part 2

If you’ve not seen part 1 where we covered the first 7 skills, you can view it HERE. This is part 2 of the roadmap, where we transition towards intermediate level skills. It’s with these skills that your drawings are really going to start to transform, so this is an

The Figure Drawing Roadmap – all the skills, in order, part 1

  We want beautiful artwork and to do that, we want really good skills. The approach I first took to trying to get those skills can be described as ‘all at once’. I wanted results immediately. It didn’t work out as you can imagine. What you need is a series

How to Improve Massively At Drawing Across 12 Months

  If you follow the steps below, you will be surprised by what you can do by the end of 2021. That’s a big promise but I think you’ll agree by the end it’s reasonable. We are going to make a monthly plan and I’m going to show you the