Diary of a life drawing student

How to Draw Any Pose from IMAGINATION

https://youtu.be/5T99JiMZ59c During your journey of learning to draw the figure, you’ll probably have pivotal, memorable moments. Maybe it’s a drawing that felt like a turning point. For me, I remember making the drawing below so vividly because I had a breakthrough moment where I thought, ‘I think I’m actually getting

the five key skills of figure drawing

Figure drawing will make sense after this article

https://youtu.be/ZH6E_n51-BQ Sometimes it feels like life drawing teachers can’t make up their minds. Do we want you to draw what you see, draw with cylinders and boxes, draw the gestural curves, draw the simplified shapes of value, or draw the anatomy?!   We ask you to practise in these various

9 Quick Wins to Learn Drawing Faster

Some quick and easy things we can do to make the whole process of learning to draw faster and more fun, from angling your drawing surface to adjusting your mindset