What is Love Life Drawing?

Love Life Drawing was created by me, Kenzo, and my mum, Mayko, to help people struggling with life drawing. This website and our YouTube channel are filled with super clear and always doable tutorials.

Learning to draw people is so much fun, but it can be such a struggle too! We work with beginners constantly to understand what happens when they try different exercises or techniques, so we can see the learning process through their eyes. That’s what sets our lessons apart.

Where did LLD come from?

Mayko is an award winning artist specialising in life drawing. During my childhood I always saw her painting in oil and watercolour and drawing with charcoal and pastels. She even dabbled with a digital drawing tablet and Photoshop.

She has mastery of the fundamental skills of life drawing, but two things make her work unique. The first is her ability to bring in gesture and movement to the late stages of longer drawings. The second is her bold use of colour.

When I was a kid, she always encouraged me to draw. I started to make comic books and absolutely loved it.

At around 16, it all changed – I became negative about drawing.

What was once a purely joyful and creative endeavour became overly complicated and frustrating. I started to feel that I wasn’t good enough at it and simply didn’t understand it.

As an adult I kept wanting to draw and holding myself back. That desire to draw and paint burned away in me through my twenties. I found a life drawing class to learn to draw people properly, but the drawings didn’t look the way I wanted them to, so I kept quitting.

Drawing people ‘properly’ was such a struggle that I believed I would never get good at it. I couldn’t let it go, but I also couldn’t make real progress with it.

My mum stepped in to help me, showing me really simple ways to improve. As time went on, I got better and it became more and more fun.

We realised that a lot of people were struggling with the same things, because life drawing is so difficult, and that the things we were talking about – both about techniques and mindset – would be really useful.

So we created lovelifedrawing.com and started to fill it with useful articles and insights.

Then we realised videos were a great way to explain things and started our YouTube channel, and that’s when LLD really took off. So many people have resonated with our message and teaching style, it’s been an amazing ride so far.

Where should I start?

If you are new to life drawing, I recommend starting with our Fresh Eyes figure drawing challenge. It is designed to help you see what really matters in the figure, so that drawing it is much easier. It is free to do the challenge, just just sign up here. You will also get access to our reference library and our community – all free!

You can also try our our beginner series. Those are the first videos we ever made, but the content and sequencing of the lessons is still really effective.