A story you might relate to

I went from really struggling with figure drawing to becoming confident and happy with my drawings. You can see in the before and after drawing, it’s been quite a journey. Love Life Drawing is here to help you undergo your own transformation!
My mum Mayko is a professional artist specialising in figure drawing and painting. We created Love Life Drawing together.
As a kid, she encouraged me to draw, and I loved to create my own comic books. When I was around 16, I suddenly started to think my drawings had to be ‘good’, and this pressure actually stopped me from drawing.
Throughout my twenties, I wanted to draw, but every time I tried, I felt I wasn’t good enough and I would quit. I felt like I could learn any skill by looking up books, courses, and tutorials and practising, but it just wasn’t working with figure drawing.
When I was in my thirties, I had all but given up, and felt like I couldn’t draw at all. I still really wanted to though. My mum stepped in and encouraged me to try one more time, and this time, she told me to focus on just a few simple things.
She suggested I draw larger and look for a few landmarks on the figure, like the bony bits of the pelvis that stick out on the front (the ASIS). I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. There was nothing wrong with me, I just needed to right set of doable steps in the right order. It’s probably the same for you.
As I progressed, I found that joy in drawing again. We realised that a lot of people must be struggling in the same ways. So we created a simple set of steps to learn the basics of life drawing. Most of the guidance out there starts at step 100. We decided to start our tutorials at step 1.
This was the birth of Love Life Drawing. Our YouTube channel grew to over 230,000 subscribers and we had millions of views. Why? Because we set you up for success at every stage of learning life drawing.
We now have so much guidance designed to give you just the clearest and most important next step for your progress whether you’re a beginner or intermediate or advanced. You can choose from a range of topics that we cover here. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend our very powerful Fresh Eyes challenge, which will give you a foundational understanding of the figure in an incredibly simple way.