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We made lovelifedrawing to give you guys the most important things you’ll need to get better at drawing.

We are Kenzo and Mayko, and we love life drawing!

You’ll find what you need here if…
…you want concise articles with useful life drawing lessons.
…you find the technicalities of life drawing can become overwhelming. We distilled it all down into a simple and clearly structured online course with written and video guides.
…you need to find a local class. Lovelifedrawing’s directory has life drawing lessons all around the world. The best thing you can do for your drawing is attend more life drawing sessions!
…you want to hear from professional artists. We interviewed various artists and wrote them up or made podcasts – we learned a lot from these interviews!
…you want to be inspired by some lovely pictures


What people are saying about the lovelifedrawing online course

Hi Kenzo, definitely like the course a lot. It’s very informative, and I really appreciate the specific and quick response on the critique forum. Being self taught and not having art teachers I find this to be a huge help, and can already see myself getting better and moving towards my goals. Thanks, your class is appreciated.

– Aidan

Finally, someone has provided a progression of how to move through the content in a seamless and engaging way which builds on previous information – what a relief. You have my gratitude! I have already applied the instruction from the Understanding Movement video in my life drawing session last night – it made an immediate difference in my gesture drawings and in the composition of an extremely foreshortened pose … Thanks for creating this wonderful place to learn.

– Tess

Hi Kenzo I’m finding the online course very useful particularly the blog, podcast and video sections and the artwork is inspiring. I am not a complete beginner and find the course a good way to pull together my other reading and work to date. A word of caution though – I think it could be misused as a procrastination tool!. It’s a great resource and am sure it will be a long term part of my artistic practice.

– Barbara

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