First Steps course for beginners

Lesson 9 - Recapping the process

If you’re watching this video, hopefully you’ve gone through our video series, which has been building up to this. Well […]

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Lesson 8 exercises - ways to practise simple contours and tonal shapes

In the last lesson we talked about fleshing out our figure with simplified outlines and tonal shapes. If you’ve not […]

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Lesson 8 - fleshing out the figure

So far, we have laid down our foundation with the construction, and even started correcting some of the proportions and […]

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Being self taught and not having art teachers I find this to be a huge help, and can already see myself getting better and moving towards my goals.


I have already applied the instruction from the Understanding Movement video in my life drawing session last night – it made an immediate difference in my gesture drawings and in the composition of an extremely foreshortened pose … Thanks for creating this wonderful place to learn.


I’m finding the online course very useful ... [it's] a good way to pull together my other reading and work to date.

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Keeping your drawing muscles fit - how to stay disciplined

In judo, there’s a saying – ‘take a training session off, you’ll feel it at the next session. Take a […]

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Lovedrawing Podcast 10: The Old Masters

By popular demand, we decided to focus our tenth episode on the old masters. Why are the old masters so […]

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The most important thing to keep in mind when learning life drawing

  Before going into anatomy or perspective, it’s really important to understand something that many of the best artists emphasise […]

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