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    We believe life drawing should be fun, accessible and expressive. Love Life Drawing has weekly tutorials on life drawing techniques and mindset, the Love Drawing podcast, newsletter with extra tips and a free online course for beginners. Welcome!

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Recent Tutorials

Top 5 figure drawing progression tips with Simon Luty

How did Simon Luty learn to combine gesture, structure, volume, and an expressive and creative style? He has 5 tips […]

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How to Draw Backs

In this article, we are going to learn to draw backs. Sometimes backs are tricky because it feels like there […]

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How to use colors like Marta Nael

This character has bright blue and red in her skin, but it works so well. Why and how? Keep reading […]

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Beginner online course

Lesson 1 - Introduction

This is the start of a series of lessons designed to help you build a solid foundation of life drawing […]

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Lesson 2 - Lines of movement and the newspaper exercise

After this lesson… you will have identified the lines of movement in various poses.     To go through this […]

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Lesson 3 - Training your eyes, arm and mind

After this lesson… you’ll be able to explain how to use structured practice for your eyes, arm and mind   It’s […]

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Gesture drawing

Beginner Gesture Drawing 3 - Keeping Longer Poses Dynamic

We have started to push ourselves to loosen up in our quicker gesture drawings. Now let’s bring that focus on […]

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Beginner Gesture Drawing 2 - Powerful Exercises to Draw Expressively

You know you need to capture the movement, the gesture, and not worry about details – but how can you […]

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Beginner Gesture Drawing 1 - Seeing and Respecting Movement

It’s easy to say ‘draw loosely and expressively’ or ‘just capture the feeling of the pose with a few lines’. […]

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Artist analysis

Gestures & Quick Drawings - Strategy & Thought Processes

What on earth should you focus on when you have seconds or just a few minutes to draw a figure? […]

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Train your eye: Perspective practice while walking

Today we’re outside looking at how to train your eye to better see perspective while you’re walking in the street. […]

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Eye Level. An essential perspective tip for artists

When you’re out walking in the street, you can practise seeing some super important principles about your eye level and […]

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Learning process

6 Beginners TEST OUR TUTORIAL - Huge Improvements Drawing Hair

It looks easy and turns out beautiful in the tutorial by the expert, but what is it like to actually […]

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Is it TOO LATE to learn to draw & be a good artist?

If you’re aspiring to be a good artist, but feel like you’re ‘behind’ or regret not having started sooner – […]

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Mindset, Charcoal, Anatomy for Figure & Portrait Drawing - Frank Gambino

Here’s the other highlight video focusing on drawing technique, in case you missed it. Frank’s Instagram. Frank Gambino is a […]

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Love Drawing Podcast

Love Drawing podcast 20 - Drawing faces & other challenges

The Love Drawing podcast is all about drawing and the process of learning to draw. We talk over technique and […]

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Love Drawing Podcast 19 - Proactive Progress

iTunes In this episode we discuss a question from listener Toby about how to ensure we are making the most […]

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Love Drawing Podcast 18 - Peter Dobbin

In this episode, I interview professional concept artist and storyboard artist Peter Dobbin. He’s recently started using Instagram, so if […]

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