The Importance of Practising Quick Drawing

Standing man - 4 quick sketches
Four quick sketches in pastel of standing man

Mayko explained the importance of practising with quick drawings. It helps you to become a little bolder and gives your pictures a different tempo. It’s one way to help add life to your drawing style. Labouring over each line  to ensure it’s perfect can result in a stilted and lifeless look – this isn’t possible when trying to draw a figure in a few minutes.

Simon, the great teacher at ULU, explains that just like with music, it’s important to mix up the tempo of your drawings. Even during a long pose, you can bring some of the energy that you find yourself using during the quick sketches.

There’s no time to use a rubber, to do careful measurements and so on. You get the first line you feel down on the page without hesitation.

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