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The aim of this course is to give you the foundation skills for life drawing in easy to follow bite-size lessons. The course will launch on December 20th.

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Practice time is the key ingredient to drawing ability and there’s no getting around that. However, we can help ensure that you understand the fundamental skills you need to accelerate your progress. It’s these technical skills that will allow you to powerfully express yourself, and those skills need to be learnt and trained like a musician or a gymnast.

We will help you to capture the movement of the pose and get the proportions right. We’ll also show you how to create beautiful lines and tone using various materials like charcoal, pencils, pastels and oil paints. These are skills that’ll be useful for anyone – even if eventually you cast them aside. The course focuses on an observational approach to figure drawing – how to draw a person that you are looking at.

Learning life drawing can be overwhelming. It requires a range of skills, each of which has a lot of depth. We wanted to make the learning process more manageable by creating this course. This course doesn’t aim to teach everything there is to know about life drawing, but to give you the most important points of the most important skills. We were careful to edit down the lessons to the key elements. After the essentials taught in this course, there are infinite possibilities for developing a personal style and studying specific skills in more depth.

We are confident that you will be surprised at what you can do following the lessons in the course.


In this course, you will have access to a series of articles and video guides covering the topics you can see at the bottom of this page. We will also provide you with a set of reference photos to practise with. You can upload your drawings or exercises to our forum and we will provide you with feedback. You can see an example of one of the articles about Alignment here.

For at least the first month after launch, we’re going to set the price low at £20 to keep it accessible.

Here is an FAQ on the course:

How much is it in US dollars? Paypal will automatically convert from US dollars when you pay, so the amount in dollars would just depend on the exchange rate. It would be about 34 USD.
Is it set up so that you can access it any time? Yes you can access it any time, from December 20th (we are still putting the finishing touches on it)
Do you have to be at your computer at specific times? No, the course is comprised of articles, videos and reference photos that you go through in your own time, including various exercises. You can also upload your drawings or exercises to the forum on our site and we will provide you with feedback. You’ll get this service for a period of one year after registering. We’ll aim to get the feedback to you within a week.
How long does the course run? You can go through it in your own time. Your access to the course will start on December 20th and will last forever.

If you are interested in this course, or you want to get it for someone for Christmas, please email me at kenzo@lovelifedrawing.com and I’ll keep you up to date and answer any questions. You can even purchase it now and get a sneek peek at the finished sections before the launch date.

Draw Life Beautifully online course (with personal feedback) £45.00 now. Select
Draw Life Beautifully online course (without personal feedback) £25.00 now. Select
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